About Me

My mission is and always has been to ignite the power within my clients, as a certified fitness professional, and patients, as a nurse. Over ten years ago my career in service and support began with with vulnerable, underserved people of my community fighting the disease of addiction. Every profession and career choice I've had my hand in has been about encouraging others to live their best lives.

We all had a first job during or fresh outta highschool. Mine was working the front desk at a gym, which also became my intro to fitness. The part I loved about that particular job was the community that came with it. 

The gym spoke to me  on a deeply personal level because it was inclusive, and different than anything else I'd been a part of (or lack thereof). In high school, I wasn't part of the popular crowd, and I hated sports and anything team because I had zero self-confidence and a 'not good enough' mentality engrained in my mind. In contrast to my not fitting in, outsider, poor mindset experience growing up, working at the gym gave me a safe environment to push outside outside my comfort zone. 

The owners and trainers supported me, and it was there that I learned how to squat, bench press, deadlift, proper form, conditioning and more. Most importantly, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience that provided me with a strong foundation in fitness, and the desire to continue mastering my own personal physical fitness.

Today my love for physical fitness is so much more than 'building bodies'. The passion & expertise within me is what I ultimately give to my clients which translates into them living their best life - with total confidence.

Freedom in life is confidence, and I am a believer that that confidence comes from physical and mental breakthroughs formed through a healthy, active lifestyle. As coach and mentor to my clients, I guide them through the physical & mental breakthroughs necessary inside and outside the studio as my philosophy in life is living a WHOLE life for the long term. Trust me when I say WHOLE life, as during my career as a nurse, striving to maintain health & wellness, family, friends and sanity - working this demanding profession (on shiftwork), challenged my body and mind to the max. 

Juggling happiness, family and health shouldn't be a choice - and it was during my time as a nurse I really began to understand the need for proper nutrition. 

During my nursing career I learned really fast that shift work can destroy your brain function, hormones and metabolism. Intense cravings for sugar and starchy carbohydrates washed over me all the time from lack of sleep and my poor food choices. This wasn't working for me. 

To solve what wasn't working with my health I was determined to be the exception and not let unbalanced hormones and slow metabolism take over. I continued to laser focus on my fitness and nutrition through all the brain fog and lack of sleep for multiple days during my shift work. It became my mission to figure out a way to remain “healthy” as much as possible.

Cue pregnancy (and family). 

Having a family changed everything in my life. Pregnancy quickly cued me to commit to making healthier lifestyle choices at which point I began doing a ton of my own research around balancing hormones, nutrition and my personal biology. Despite what I was told about nutrition my whole life, I questioned what I was told especially with the obesity epidemic and watching people suffering from disease. After a lot of research and personal trial on myself and family, I came to the conclusion that if simple lifestyle choices could prevent sickness in the future, why wouldn't everyone choose them if properly educated. 

Taking what I knew to be true about science as per my own observation on brain, body and life - I learned that my specific biology is unique to yours, and that a one size fits all approach is not the case (this is good news, as we are all different). 

Today I am dedicated to serving others with passion, the way I have healed myself and continue to grow in total and WHOLE wellness.

Crystal strives to serving people in a much bigger way by reaching as many people as possible through YouTube, Instagram and all social media platforms to provide free, educational content along with self development.