My Bulletproof Diet Review

 Have you ever tried something and thought to yourself, wow this is so amazing I have to share it with...

  Usually that is your loved ones or close friends, And that is exactly what happened with me the first time I tried Bulletproof coffee. 
I felt as if I was hiding under a rock my entire life and immediately my brain was turned on. All of a sudden I could think clearly again and began to think about all my friends and family who could benefit from the feeling I was having. I was overcome with a boost of energy, thought's were coming to me so much easier and my entire body felt like I had just rewarded it with a great gift. Like this is exactly what it needed. Sounds crazy but its true.
  Around the time I discovered Bulletproof coffee I seemed to be in good health. I worked out regularly, I thought I led a healthy lifestyle and I watched what I ate. I questioned myself why do I still feel so sluggish. Why do I feel like my body is giving up on me. I was experiencing some symptoms of brain fog at work and in life. About three o'clock to four o'clock everyday I was having a huge crash in energy and completely unmotivated to do anything. I was learning to accept that this is the life of a busy mom, that what I was feeling was completely normal. I had energy when I woke up in the morning and I felt motivated most of the day but somewhere through out the day I would slowly start declining. What was I doing wrong was something I asked myself regularly. Do other people feel like this? I had questions and I wasn't ready to roll over and accept the way I felt.

   I had a vision of how I wanted to look for a long time and I had a desire to look like the women I see on social media with shredded bodies that dedicate their lives to fitness and may not always be the "healthiest". I think strong is beautiful but I wasn't willing to go to that extreme to look like that. I was trying to chase a certain look that was in every way unattainable for me. I finally realized this and decided to turned things around, I had to find a way to feel better not look better.

   I no longer continued to focus on my outside appearance, I was determined to feel better mentally and emotionally because "dieting" was not making me feel very healthy. I have to confess that I'm a YouTubeaholic, I'm sure that is a thing. While watching one of my favourite YouTubers I came across a guy named Crosby Tailor. He has a blog tailordlife. Crosby Tailor is well know for a lot of things however this YouTube video was featuring his ketogenic guilt free baking. One of the ingredients he was using was called Brian Octane oil. Just the name of that sounds powerful, right? He went over exactly what it was and described it to be 18 times the amount of coconut oil and the many benefits associated with it. After he described how good it was for brain function I was sold. I found Brain Octane oil a few days later at my local Whole foods Market. I had no clue how this oil was going to make me feel better but I was desperate to feel better at this point. I started to add this oil into my smoothies without really knowing anything about the BulletProof brand, coffee or that there was a book.

Soon after I realized that the Brain Octane oil was actually something that people put into their BPC. I remembered hearing about butter in coffee around the early 2000's and as I found out more about the brand and the coffee I decided to read the book. The Bulletproof Diet Book changed my outlook about counting calories and "dieting". I had seen BPC for a while on social media but I always thought that the sound of coffee in butter is number 1 not appealing and number 2 that if I eat fat I will get fat. I bought the Brain Octane and let it sit in my cupboard for a long time before I started really using it, I looked at the label, seen the fat grams and got scared to consume it.

I gave up on coffee for a while because I had to prove to myself that I don't need things in my life. I was becoming dependant on it and when I drank my usually coffee brand I didn't feel the greatest anyway, it left a nasty taste in my mouth. I would go on coffee detox's in hope to feel better. My husband and I both noticed that our coffee really isn't that enjoyable but we continued to drink it everyday. When I wouldn't have it I actually really missed it so finding a new coffee that claims to be free of mold toxins and lead and will give me energy without the crash was such a amazing revelation.

I highly suggest reading the book and understanding the philosophy behind the brand. If your not interested in being Bulletproof or turning your body into its own fat burning machine, and your simply looking for a better quality coffee that you can drink everyday without leaving a nasty taste in your mouth then that is ok also.

My experience eating and living Bulletproof has eliminated all cravings for sugar and packaged foods. It has greatly affected my brain function in the best way possible. I feel as if I can accomplish my dreams and take on task that I just really didn't have the energy to do before. I sleep better, have more energy to play with my son longer and have more motivation then I have ever had in my life.
My thoughts on the book

I enjoy that I have found something that makes me feel full and is very satisfying in the morning that doesn't give me a crash later in the afternoon.
    I really like the 2 week protocol in the back of the book to help you get into fat burning mode while eating whole foods.
      The Diet Rad Map really helped me navigate through the foods that were there to make me feel energized and the foods that could possibly make me feel sluggish, irritable, crave sugar cause inflammation and possibly do a lot of harm to my body physically, emotionally and mentally
        The Road map is built like a graph from quality foods to eat regularly that make you feel bulletproof. And it describes low performance causing foods to stay away from.
        This was worded more like a suggestion then " do not absolutely eat this because it is "bad."
        Food is here to give us nutrients and if we make the right choices by eliminated the "fake foods" we can get a better understanding of what works well with our bodies.
          I love that I can put collagen in it which has really helped me in a lot of ways specifically with injuries related to wear and tear and for it's beauty benefits.
            The book explained how to optimize the female body while living bulletproof.
              I have a routine and I feel like it fits into my life very easily.
                What I didn't agree with.

                This book brought great awareness around GMO and the danger of "fake foods".
                  I learned a lot about ingredients that are harmful and cause a slew of health issues.
                  It explains in detail how terrible soy is and how difficult it is to find good quality soy however the collagen and whey protein powder are both labelled that it is processed in a facility that packages soy.
                  I know they have to say this for cross contamination purposes however I just see it to be a little hypocritical.
                    I have heard Dave Aspry (CEO of Bulletproof ) explain on a podcast, that the beans are the best quality beans but they are not organic. He explained that the beans are not organic because in order for the farmers who are small family run to obtain the organic license that is very expensive and could mean the cost of that would put them under. I don't know too much about the cost of a organic license in South America so I'll leave it alone. I wonder why he wouldn't be supporting the farmers that he regularly uses to buy them that license.
                      Some points are not backed up with a scientific explanation. I'm the type of person that needs a physiological or biological explanation in order for the claim to be trusted. If that is not provided I will take it with a grain of salt.
                        Bulletproof coffee founder Dave Aspry claims that BPC doesn't contain mycotoxins in their beans because of a special roasting process and the quality of beans. This is something that is very controversial in the coffee world but I have a way to test this out so stay tuned for more on the quality of the bulletproof beans. 

                        I know a thing or two about the food industry and how things work so when it comes to anything about food products I tend do be suspicious. However I wanted to keep an open mind and see for myself if this actually works. I wanted to see if I ate fat would I get fat. And if I could hack my own biology and feel great while doing it, This is an on going process and I can say I'm enjoying it so far.

                        I did lose a pound a day like it said while doing the back of the book meal plan for 2 weeks. I do not miss the feeling of being hungry. I feel really good and that hasn't changed one bit during this process. I feel better every day as I learn more about my body and my own biology. I feel as if I have a secret to feeling my best so I was really excited to share this with as many people as I could.

                        Enjoy feeling your best and being bulletproof.

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